Upcoming Dates


  • October 10 Pot Luck and LRC 
  • November 14 Pot Luck and  Bunco 
  • December 12  Catered Christmas Dinner 
  • January 9  Soup and Salad Night 
  • February 13  Pasty Fest
  • March 13 TBA 
  • April 10 Picnic 

Our first fall meeting is on Wednesday, October 8.

When You RSVP

When you RSVP that you are attending a meeting it gives us an idea about the room setup and how much food we need to prepare or readjust what people bring. Your information goes in a secure spreadsheet so we can see the data in a quick glance. We keep info private.

This year we are going to move to online membership but still collect dues at the meeting with cash or a check. No credit card transactions.  Hopefully this will give us more accurate information about our members.